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The cat of the great friend of Frimousse’s Mistress had been missing for more than two months, just before «the Great Confinement». No trace of him. Great grief. The door of the house was left open, just in case… And last night, around 11 pm, guess who came in? We all love good news!

Just like this one

On Saturday night we went to my children’s house to eat a raclette. I no longer eat carbohydrates and raclette has this peculiarity of being eaten with potatoes but also with other vegetables– cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes– so everyone has his own taste! The remains will finish in gratin during the week. We talked about cycling, running. I told them my thousand kilometers

Suddenly a cat like the one on the photo appeared on the windowsill. He agreed to be caressed, but refused to get in by the window. they had to open the door for him! He ate and drank a little but, well fed cat, went away very rapidly. It is said that he has several brothers in the neighbourhood. He has one eye closed but he is very beautiful.