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Gatto addestrato?

Three weeks ago we spent a few days at Cogne, in Aosta Valley, and we were lucky to be able to go there again for a couple of days at the end of last week – Frimousse’s Mistress did a lot of Nordic skiing and I had a few short walks in the snow.

We’ve only seen three cats – I’ll probably show you photos of two of them in the near future.

But… what a strange notice board! Zorro and Pixie’s Mistress will understand the sentence of course, but why this notice?

For those who do not understand Italian, they should try and start using this fantastic tool: http://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=FR



Dogs and cat


Photos November 25th

Since October 15th, Flocon has a friend. Till the beginning of this week, Noé [Noah] remained locked into a big cage. But his Master, RouXy’s Master, set a PetSafe collar round his neck and now he is in semi captivity with Flocon. He is happy, Noé. He is a very lively puppy. He loves jumping on Flocon’s back and biting his ears.

Last photo of Mimi. It was October 24th.