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Four donkeys!

Can Frimousse’s Mistress go running in the mountain above our house now that the hunting season has begun?

Two days ago, a hunter killed four donkeys a few miles from here. He thought they were hinds. Last year, in the very same area, a hunter had killed a horse, mistaken for a hind. A few months earlier, a bit further, in the Semnoz mountain, a hunter shot dead a jogger, thinking he was a wild boar.

Well… we know most hunters that hunt near our village – one of them is RouXy’s Master. They feel devastated when they hear of such events. But in France the hunting lobby is so powerful that police and justice seem to be far more lenient with hunters than with motorists…

Frimousse’s Mistress has started running regularly after nearly three years of “problems”, which started, with tendonitis, when she ran the Lausanne half-marathon. She runs on flat trails by the Lake. She has to drive to the Lake whereas running in the mountain means starting right from our house. I think she’ll try to avoid running in the mountain on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays – to avoid being taken for a wild boar, even with her yellow jacket, or her yellow fluo tee-shirt!



My latest post…

My latest post seems to have saddened some visitors. Therefore two pictures to cheer you up.

First, yesterday evening I had gambas for supper. My Master is allergic to sea-food – except fish. My Mistress bought a pack of big organic gambas – organic because they are supposed to be less destructive of the environment and don’t have too negative a social impact. Expensive, of course! But the local supermarket sells them 20% or 30% cheaper when the sell-by date is near. What a treat!

This Friday morning, as soon as the cat-flap was open I rushed into my garden and immediately felt there was something near the letter-box. I didn’t catch anything but I spent quite a pleasant moment.

This afternoon it is grey outside. My Master is reading a (serious) book, and I, Frimousse, am having a nap in my armchair.