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Neighborhood Friendly Felines

I always love when bloggers like Eastside Cats post about the cats they see in the neighborhood so I thought I would post some of the cats I have met in the last couple of months on my runs. For some reason, ever since the quarantine, cats seem much friendlier and I am meeting cats that I have never seen before on my runs. Some will stay on their porch and stare at me and let me pet them but most will come running up and flop in front of me for a pet or two! I have never had this experience before! So here we go…(I would introduce you but I don’t know most of their names!)

Read article: https://hairballsandhissyfits.com/neighborhood-friendly-felines/

I have the same impression as Amarula’s Mistress! During my training in the permitted area around our house, I was very interested in cats, dogs, and their… Mistresses and Masters. Much more than before. I’m a lousy photographer and I didn’t take pictures like the beautiful ones that Sandra, the Mistress of Amarula, Frodo and Zulu, publishes on her blog.


We’ve had a couple of hours at the house of a friend of Frimousse’s Mistress, who has two cats: Sushi, whom I’ve already told you about, and Nina, a little one-eyed pussy they are now taking care of – she was mistreated by her previous Masters, who probably caused the loss of her eye.

Other photo of Sushi on Rouxy’s blog, the blog of ginger cats…

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