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Lac des Confins

On Saturday we walked round Lac des Confins. A walk appropriate for my condition (3km +100m).

We walked past the restaurant by the lake. Under a table, three kittens, about 6-months old. One was grey with a white patch, the other two were cross breed Siamese.

The owner of the place said: “If you catch one, you take it with you”  We would have been in trouble if one of them had come to be stroked! But, too wild, those kitties!



Cock, hens, pigeons, cats

We’ve spent five days in Acceglio, Valle Maira, Italy. Frimousse’s Mistress and our seven friends were mountaineering. And I, Frimousse’s Master, what could I do but wait for their return in the evening…

I managed to have short walks in the village and the surroundings. Once I saw three cats – two on a chair, one on the ground, not on the photo. I walked towards them and they didn’t move. They were well looked after!  The dog under the chair started growling at me ferociously!

From the window of our room we could see a rather large patch of land, one part with tall grass, another was a meadow, and the third a lawn. There moved a cock with (his) three hens, five pigeons of different colours, and a white kitty. All very good friends obviously.