Nearly autumn

We’ve had many peaches – the last ones are in the refrigerator. Some excellent pears too – but “our” birds liked them too… French beans in small quantity but excellent. As for tomatoes… let us pass!

Quetsch plums are almost ripe. The grapes, on the table, come from the garden of RouXy’s Master. They don’t look as good as grapes grown to be sold, but what a taste! In the old days, RouXy’s Master will say, here everybody had a vine and made their wine. In the old days.

Still plenty of birds in Frimousse’s garden. A few weeks ago we found, in three places, feathers, bird down rather, in circles 50cm in diameter. A cat would have eaten our birds? No. The truth: three days ago a sparrow hawk was seen under the lime tree! It had missed its prey, this time, fortunately.

The brook, at the back of the garden, flows quite slowly. We’re all waiting for the rain.

Well, I have written so many times “I, Frimousse…” that now that Frimousse is dead, I am (nearly) dead too…





There was a time when I would only go out at night. I had neither a master nor a dwelling. I was free, you will tell me. But what’s the use of freedom  when no one wants you. Then, one night, I left, in search of a piece of heaven…