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Tuesday 7/11/17 12:29

I wonder if you saw our black cat (Mimi) yesterday near your house. She usually comes and sleeps in her basket with our other cat, who, being older, seldom goes out. But I did not see Mimi yesterday and I haven’t seen her today. Strange.

My answer :

Tuesday 7/11/17 15:03

No. We didn’t see her yesterday and we haven’t today.

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Tuesday 7/11/17 16:58

So the other cat, Étoile, leaves her basket more often, as if she was disturbed, and was looking for Mimi. She clearly realizes someone is missing.

Frimousse had written an article about “the cats on the other side of the road”, last year on January 28th






The garden today looks very different from what it looked 15 years ago. Frimousse’s lime-tree has grown. How about the little fir-tree on the side of the lane! But the real difference is not visible on the photos. In December of 2002 there were three cats: Frimousse, RouXy, and Tigri.

No cats left today. Well… not really. Mimi, the pussy of our neighbours on the other side of the road, has understood that Plume was gone and so was Frimousse. The way is clear, then. She comes nearly every day now, early in the morning. Yesterday she caught a mouse in our garden.