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RouXy’s April 1st

040116_RXY (1)

RouXy played for some time with Plume. And then he saw Grindule at the back of the house. RouXy and Grindule are not really friends. He would have jumped to chase her if my Master hadn’t been on the look out.

Then RouXy climbed the fence between his garden and mine. I just don’t know why.

040116_RXY (3)


040116_RXY (2)


On the other side of the road…

Mimi_Etoile (2)

I, Frimousse, keep saying that my friend RouXy wants to go to the road – either down the path from our house, or down across the gardens at the back of the houses. What the heck does he want to do there?

On the other side of the road there is a very large patch of land where heifers will graze in the summer. And there is also a house… with cats.

There used to be a very pretty white pussy, whose name was Memphis. She would trot up the road with a mouse or a rat in her mouth, followed by her white kitten zigzagging right behind her. She was a very careful pussy and would keep to the side of the road. She disappeared about three years ago. My Master told me she suffered from a sort of cancer at her ears – her auricles actually – as very many white cats do.

At the moment there are two cats and a kitten. Of course RouXy can see them from the balcony of Plume’s house! And he’d like to go and play with them. Their names are Mimi and Étoile – on the photo Mimi with her kitten.

On the other side of the road RouXy can sometimes see Grindule, who is not very careful…