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Two years have elapsed

Two years ago, June 26th, last photo of the elder of RouXy’s Masters. In the sunshine, in front of their door, with the gentle red cat under the armchair. It was on a Sunday morning. He will die on the following Sunday. Having patted the fur of his kitten for a last time, since I had put RouXy one moment on him in his bed. RouXy will leave us seven months later and Frimousse two months later.

We are going to live our second summer without them. Frimousse’s lime tree has some branches and a little foliage again. He could hide in it if he were here. Of course the “little” fir tree near the mailbox will not be there again. In the half-barrel sunflowers grow – “our” birds have sown them for us. Still plenty of tits and sparrows. But curiously no cats. Well… not exactly because a few days ago a cream-coloured kitten came past. He was after the birds. But he hasn’t come again. There were too many. The choice, thus the hunting, was too difficult.

Frimousse’s Mistress will say I keep writing about the past. But those in charge make us such a dark future… Poor children.


The sun is shining this morning though

Frimousse – 2008

Frimousse :

“In the evening of Friday, June 6th, 2008 (I was 8 years old), suddenly, I began grumbling very loudly. I was biting my tail while trying to hide under a table or under a chair.

My Masters did not know what to do. They were even afraid I would attack them.

After two hours, at about eleven o’clock, they decided to call the vet on duty.

Stroke of luck, it was my doctor! She told them to try to give me some Crisax (the same as Luminal for humans) because there was some left in the house – Jump, my Colley friend was epileptic – and to take me to her surgery the following morning.

She examined me.

My Masters told her that I had been coughing for some time but she found nothing wrong with my lungs.

She said to continue Crisax and prescribed some steroid stuff for the cough.

For my doctor they were epileptoid fits, the origin of which she did not understand.

He didn’t tell me, but my Master looked for “epileptoid fits” and he found that in the case of cats “the forecast is dark “.

My Masters really believed that our common life was coming to an end.

As I shook my head and moved my ears they feared very serious in my brain.

On July 7th, 2008, my Master decided to help me to write my memoirs: Le Blog de Frimousse.

On July 16th, I was taken to my doctor’s again.

She said my cough was tracheitis, no risk of suffocation. She prescribed a medicine to take in the morning and in the evening.

For my fits, she said that it couldn’t be a brain tumor because my health would have deteriorated in a month while it was rather the opposite – and that I would suffer more and more while I did not suffer and while the fits were somewhat cured by caresses.

I was taken to my doctor’s I do not remember how many times. She concluded that it was “behavioral”.

Rose, (her blog) worried about me. She told my Masters to try and give me Rescue drops. I take that medicine from time to time but I spot it fast in my food and I leave Tigri and RouXy finish my dish.

“The fits are irregular in frequency and intensity,” my Master says. What then?

I, Frimousse, have to live with those fits.

And my Masters have to live with Frimousse and his fits. That’s it.

An important thing: contrary to what my Masters were afraid of, when I have fits, I do not attack either my Masters, or Tigri, or RouXy!”

June 6th was two days ago.

July 7th will be in a month.

2008, that’s ten years ago.

Some many memories of dear Frimousse, joy and sorrow…