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In Plume’s house

The elder of Plume’s little Masters, who is quite a man, now, has a young white kitty, Minidril. He lives with his fiancée and Minidril in a flat in Lyons. Mnidril comes to Plume’s house, here, about once a month. It was decided that Minidril should stay inside so that she doesn’t lose her habits of indoors cat. But… on the other side of the large patio doors…  she can see lizards and birds… So Minidril scratches the windows. And windows and door must remain closed, in the middle of August!

Plume’s Master, the father of Minidril’s Master, who was strongly against having cats,  and who secretly would like Minidril to stay here, decided yesterday to adapt Plume’s PetSafe system so that Minidril would be able to go out between the house and the lane. No problem to fit the collar. Minidril heard beeps and then a tickling round her neck but she went on. Was Minidril insensitive as RouXy was? A new battery was fitted, and Minidril flew back! She soon detected the boundaries, and now she goes out, in, out again, watching Nature from her arm-chair, ready to joump out to catch a lizard. What will her Master say when he comes later today? He commanded not to let Minidril go out in the garden…

Poor Minidril, when she goes back to her Lyons flat on Monday… Unless Plume’s Master…




A few days ago we had the visit of a long-time “visitor” of Frimousse Blog. Passing by the house of Plume’s Masters, as we were walking her back to her car, she said: “They don’t have cats, do they?”

“They had! Plume!”

Plume died in June last year. The disease as Tigri’s – Chronic kidney disease (CKD). She was only 8 years old.


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