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We used to say that we had two and a half cats – Frimousse, Tigri, and a half of RouXy, since we shared him with his Masters. What percentage of Moka do we have? Hard to say. Sometimes we don’t have her visit for weeks and sometime, like today, she spends hours with us.

Short life 2

In response to the comments I will say that we avoided this fate to Frimousse and Tigri thanks to PetSafe. (For RouXy it was more complicated…) Claire the Swisscats’ Mistress could not install PetSafe but she spent a fortune to protect Zoro and Pixie. But not all places are suitable for PetSafe or the construction of a barrier. I honestly do not see how the Masters of this kitten could have done, except to keep her in – the house is right by the side of the road, very vast unfenced ground, no geometric shape.