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Nostalgia prohibited.

Nevertheless trees have grown, others have been felled. The heifers I can see grazing from our window are not the same as those I could see last year and the years before – those were turned into milk-producing machines and then into steak and roast beef. Plume died a year ago. Frimousse, RouXy and Tigri no longer come on the table when they smell the food they like. And my eyes have become much older.



Snow or blossoms?

042516_2 (2)

Hard time for plums! Snow and trees in full bloom!. My Mistress’s tarts seemcould be in jeopardy. As for me, Frimousse, I’m waiting upstairs, for the arrival of RouXy. My Master is waiting for the repairer. The boiler broke down on Friday. You are entitled to a photo of me, Frimousse, and my friend Tigri. That was a long time ago…

042516_2 (1)