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Saint-Joseph’s Day

St-Joseph’s Day is March 19th.

RouXy’s Master explains: “Joseph was a carpenter. He would plane boards. Joseph being up there, in Heaven, shaving of wood [copeaux in French] would fall on Earth, the shape of big flakes of snow. Genuine Savoyards say les écappons – dialect for copeaux.”

The French word for écappons is giboulées. But if you look up giboulées in a dictionary, or on Wikipedia, you’ll find different descriptions of giboulées, with hail, rain, sleet, thunder… It depends on the regions.

It snowed last night. Frimousse would have loved it! The snow will melt soon. But we can expect other snow showers.

I didn’t intend to write an article about Saint-Joseph’s Day nor Écappons today, but since Poupette mentions it!




Spring 2009


On March 16th 2009 I, Frimousse, wrote:

Our neighbours below have a daughter (RouXy’s Masters are our neighbours above). She wanted a cat

For three months now she’s had a grey pussy with white “gloves”: Plume.

Now Plume goes out of the house under the strict supervision of the girl. Their house is between mine and… the road! In a few days she’ll have a collar (PetSafe) and we’ll be face to face on each side of the wire.

When she is in her garden I w, Frimousse, watch her jumping high to try and catch flies. And every time she can hear a car passing on the road she runs and hides under their terrace.

She’s very cute, Plume.


On the 10th of June (7 years ago exactly) I wrote:

At the moment Plume is at the vet’s surgery. We hope she’ll be all right. But it was quite difficult to take her there. Her Mistress made the mistake to let Plume out this morning and at 8:15 Plume was at the top of a tree! And the appointment was 8:30… She had to shake the bag of food very hard and as Plume is very greedy she came straightaway. But no food this morning nor last night… Poor Plume!