When I started walking by the Lake with walking sticks, I felt like I was the only one. But I see more and more people with sticks. I certainly won’t say that I set an example! But that’s a fact. And I see more and more swimmers, while the water temperature is barely above 5°C. I didn’t set an example there! and I’m not going to follow either! On the bike path more and more cyclists. The usual “sportsmen” of course but a lot of older cyclists with electrically assisted bicycles. For pleasure of course, but also to take children to school or go shopping. On the shore of the Lake many dogs with their mistresses and/or their masters. Especially border-collies and Australian shepherds, they are « fashionable »! A few swans were found dead. Dogs were accused. In fact, it seems that the swans swallow a sort of grass that they love but cannot digest. And the poor animals die. The solution? The authorities have found it: the police fine the owners of dogs not held on leashes. Probably effective, isn’t it?

February 22nd

This morning, while I was walking, I met one of the bathers who swim in the Lake even in winter. She told me that she would be there in a moment. And indeed! See… This afternoon, for the first time since her accident on October 21, the Mistress of Frimousse will take a ride on the bike path… Snowdrops, crocuses in the garden. But no more birds – except one or two tits – for several days. They no longer come to eat here. Only Moka visits us – she was on our balcony a little while ago.