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Albert Camus: « I am for the plurality of positions. Can we do the [political] party of those who are not sure to be right? It would be mine. In any case, I do not insult those who are not with me. That’s my only originality»

Quoted by Delphine Horvilleur, in an article published in ELLE on January 17. What does it have to do with cats? Nothing. Cats are neither right nor wrong. And they have no certainty – except that they have to eat mice and sparrows. »

Read ELLE’s article, if you can read French. A little wisdom and tolerance is conforting these days.

Delphine Horvilleur writes that she joined that party a long time ago!

4 thoughts on “Create a party

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    We are so against those who stand and insist they are correct and who shout down differing opinion. The America I knew is dead and we are in a decline of how fast I am not sure. I do worry greatly that when you stifle free speech you fall into dictatorial thought no matter from left or right. As I am old and have no children I let them have at it and live with what they sow. I pray your country fares better with permission to discuss and moderation of all sides


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