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Dogs and cat


Photos November 25th

Since October 15th, Flocon has a friend. Till the beginning of this week, Noé [Noah] remained locked into a big cage. But his Master, RouXy’s Master, set a PetSafe collar round his neck and now he is in semi captivity with Flocon. He is happy, Noé. He is a very lively puppy. He loves jumping on Flocon’s back and biting his ears.

Last photo of Mimi. It was October 24th.




A new place

The previous post, spring of 2001. PetSafe!, is a turning point.

We were looking for a house to buy, a house with a garden, convenient for Frimousse. And we moved into the new place in July. Frimousse’s life became closely linked to that of a tiny orange kitten: RouXy.

Every morning Frimousse would stretch out his neck to have his PetSafe collar clipped around it, which was synonym of permission to go out. He would then wait for the arrival of his friend RouXy, a ritual for years and years…