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This is a photo of my friend RouXy. He’s watching what’s left of the biscuits my Mistress baked for Christmas. RouXy likes biscuits! He won’t be allowed to lick them all but he will have a piece of spritz bredele . Every year he helps my Mistress when she makes her biscuits.

The Christmas tree is gone and the snow has started melting, though the temperature is rather low this Friday morning (-3°C).

Now a photograph of me, Frimousse, in the snow, in my garden. Frimousse is a feminine word in French, meaning ‘sweet little face’. But I’m not a pussy! I explain. When she was a little girl, my Mistress would spend a lot of time with her Grand-mother. And her Grand-mother had a cat, Poussy. Poussy gave birth to kittens and one of them was given the name of Frimousse, though he was not a pussy either! Poor Frimousse was killed on the road nearby when still very young. When I arrived at my Masters’, more than fifteen years ago, my Mistress decided to call me Frimousse.





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