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Saturday Morning


No movement in the garden on this Saturday morning. No noise either. I have stopped giving seeds to the birds for three or four days – I was told that that disaccustomed them from looking their food, that it is necessary to feed them only when there is snow on the ground…

It will be sunny today. But no sunshine in the garden for the time being. 1°C (33°F) now, half past eleven. Frimousse’s Mistress is away skiing. She’ll have a beautiful day.

Is the winter finished? Daffodils and tulips are growing!

We still have the Christmas tree. It does not shed many needles. Then, why not keeping it inside? It has been a long time since Frimousse’s Mistress’s Yule log was eaten. But, the day before Christmas, it was not possible not to think of them






012617_winter (2)

White, black and all shades of grey. Only the balls, which my Mistress put on the fir tree, bring spots of red. Winter-time… But next week the landscape may be very depressing. They forecast rain on Tuesday…

My Master gave us our breakfast. Then, RouXy stayed in front of the stove for a moment, probably to show to what extent his fur is blazing. Afterwards he went to the bathroom to lie down on a mat, his habit these days. I, Frimousse, went upstairs. Which sofa? What bed? I have the choice!

My Master thinks of this message of Minister for Health, broadcasted on the radio and on the TV, inviting weak people to stay home, if they don’ have to go out, to avoid catching the flu. My Master, who sees evil everywhere, thinks of homeless people. And, very angry, says: “Disgraceful, Madam Minister!”

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