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We’ve had a couple of hours at the house of a friend of Frimousse’s Mistress, who has two cats: Sushi, whom I’ve already told you about, and Nina, a little one-eyed pussy they are now taking care of – she was mistreated by her previous Masters, who probably caused the loss of her eye.

Other photo of Sushi on Rouxy’s blog, the blog of ginger cats…

For «our» sports activities, you can, if you wish, visit the blog Running.

To tell you…

« I would run in the mountains or go for a walk… » I answered Frimousse wen he asked me, in August 2010, what I would do if I didn’t have to take care of him, of Rouxy and Tigri. Now that I’m “free”, I’m trying. But it’s not that obvious….


When Banania’s Masters bought the house six or seven years ago, they didn’t know they were buying a red cat at the same time. But obviously the red cat who lived in the area regarded the house as his own. Banania had a tattoo in his ear. They went to the vet who gave them the name and address of the “Masters” of the red cat. When they were contacted by telephone, they said they would pick him up “in eight days”. They never came. So it was an abandonment. But his new Masters did not phone again! Banania is happy with his happy Masters.