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Christmas is near. Meals, gifts, Christmas and New Year eves dinners… But also cold weather, snow. It’s time to think of those who are in need.

Restaurants du Coeur has nothing to do with charity. Actually, donors do not really give. In fact they assign a (small) part of their income tax to Restaurants du Coeur so that this association can supply our countrymen in need with food – and food to their dogs and cats too ! Thousands of volunteers take part in the distribution (almost) everywhere in France. Many of these volunteers are former guests of the restaurants – therefore it is also an action of social integration.

There are of course many of other associations that appeal to us in this period. Difficult to give to all …

Some people will say that the Government should tax the rich much more heavily to redistribute to the poorest. Certainly. But I shall tell you an anecdote. During a television program, a long time ago, Antoine Riboud, the Chief Executive of Danone, father of the current Chief Executive of the company, was blamed for his wealth by a young radical: If we distributed your fortune to the French people, they would live better! ” Antoine Riboud took a 10-franc coin out of his pocket and said to him: Here you are ! This is your share.