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Dull and depressing


Photo this Monday morning about 9:00

My friend RouXy is still very ill. He doesn’t want to eat, yet he is so gluttonous! My Masters says that he wants to join Tigri and Plume. He wants to leave me alone, does he? I didn’t understand everything my Masters and RouXy’s Master were talking about, in the bathroom, next to my friend RouXy, who was sleeping, with his ears pointed.

At about 9 am my Master carried RouXy on the table in front of the stove, to try and feed him with fish, chicken, ham. He just lapped a little milk but refused his petit-suisse. Then he got up and jumped from the table. He didn’t head for the bathroom but for the front door, to go out! My Master hesitated then opened the door. And my friend RouXy moved on the balcony and looked at Plume’s garden. He would have probably liked to go down the stairs but he felt too weak. After a few minutes my Master took him inside and RouXy walked to the bathroom.

My garden looks dull and depressing. We haven’t had much beautiful white snow so far and in the near future they forecast some rain but no snow.



At last!


De l’orage cette nuit et un peu de pluie. Enfin ! Brouillard en ce moment. La température dehors a un peu baissé.  À peine levé mon Maître a tout ouvert pour faire entrer un peu de fraîcheur. Vous avez dû remarquer que mon Maître n’est pas un grand amateur de ce que la plupart d’entre vous appelez le beau temps. Moi non plus, d’ailleurs et mon copain RouXy aime bien l’ombre, quand il y a du soleil partout.