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Strange spring

The beautiful yellow flowers where our Frimousse is buried begin to fade. Flowers, as on the graves of human beings? I hear the charge of anthropomorphism from those who accuse Peter Wohlleben (*) of it… Or more straightforwardly of stupidity… Our Frimousse was better than those people, that’s sure.

The imperial fritillaries, which usually remain in flower during several weeks, are already fading.

The bay tree, which we had brought with us, together with our dear Frimousse, when we moved to live here almost seventeen years ago, has dried. Coincidence? I’ve just pruned it very severely. According to RouXy’s Master we’ll have to wait until August to see if it starts over.


(*) The author of The Hidden Life of Trees and The Inner Life of Animals



the postman has just…

The postman has just brought it. I start reading at once!


12/04/2018 5.00 pm. Finished reading the book!

Here is MY translation of the conclusion of the author:

“What I wish, it is that we become a little more respectful of the living beings that surrounds us, whether they are animals or vegetables. It does not necessarily mean giving up using them altogether, but consenting to limit slightly our comfort, as well as our consumption of biological commodities. What will be our reward? More cheerful horses, goats, hens and pigs; happy deer, martens or corvidae, which let us observe them, including, for the latter, croaking their names … Then, our central nervous system will secrete hormones appropriate to spread in us a feeling which nobody could resist: happiness!”