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A Nice Story

Do you remember Minidril, the white pussy that the Masters of Plume are taking care of? Their son gave them his kitten for «a fortnight». And she has been here since October!

Yesterday the Master of Plume was outside with Minidril. I said, “She’s not going to like it, Minidril, when she goes back to her flat in Lyon with her Masters!” You will never guess what he answered! « Minidril, she will stay here! No way they will take her back! When they come for her, you will take Minidril in your house and I will say that she ran away! I’ll find them another white cat, if they insist!”

(I hope Minidril’s Masters don’t visit this blog!)


Ever since Plume died, her Masters seem to have lost the habit of having a cat at home. At the moment they’re taking care of Minidril, their son’s white kitten. Yesterday they went away «forgetting» Minidril out– they believed she was inside the house. Fortunately, she did not have the idea to go down to the road, but to go up the lane to our house. The Mistress of Frimousse «picked her up» in front of the door of our cellar and took her into our house. She spent three hours with us. She visited the whole place. We almost believed that Tigri, Frimousse or RouXy was back…