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Shall we…

Shall we buy white mice (*)? For over a week Frimousse has  liked nothing, eaten almost nothing. Flocon, the dog of RouXy’s Master inherits the content of dishes abandoned nearly untouched by Frimousse. Only moment when Frimousse was Frimousse was yesterday at about 4. He was lying, near the small fir tree and I had just stroked him. Suddenly, as a rocket he rushed to the wall near the pear-tree and immediately came back with a rat He found it difficult to start eating it but after a few minutes he crunched it almost normally and ate it completely. Then he settled down in a corner of the garden to digest  it – he ate nothing else, of course, neither yesterday evening, nor this morning.

(*) White, because they are the only mice we find on sale in pet shops.