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The Great Adventure

I, Frimousse, upstairs yesterday evening

Since my friend RouXy is gone, I, Frimousse seem to sink into some sort of fog, where everything looks different – my garden does not look the same, my food doesn’t either. It also seems I’ve lost a part of my strength – I climbed up my lime-tree some days ago but I can’t climb the stairs with the agility that used to be mine. When my Masters stroke me, it takes more time for me to start purring. My Masters are worried. They thought the loss of my friend RouXy had broken my spirit. But now they are wondering – you know I can read my Master’s mind – whether I am approaching the end of the Great Adventure of life…

I, Frimousse, this  Thursday morning in my garden

My life is monotonous


My life is very monotonous. Snowdrops grow, hellebores are nearly blooming. It is almost warm. Springtime? The most joyful season? Ugh!
RouXy’s Master has begun cleaning his garden, so that it will be ready for plantations. With his tractor he’s taken away weeds and what he’s cut on bushes and trees. Don’t you believe he would do better to search for his cat?