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My latest post…

My latest post seems to have saddened some visitors. Therefore two pictures to cheer you up.

First, yesterday evening I had gambas for supper. My Master is allergic to sea-food – except fish. My Mistress bought a pack of big organic gambas – organic because they are supposed to be less destructive of the environment and don’t have too negative a social impact. Expensive, of course! But the local supermarket sells them 20% or 30% cheaper when the sell-by date is near. What a treat!

This Friday morning, as soon as the cat-flap was open I rushed into my garden and immediately felt there was something near the letter-box. I didn’t catch anything but I spent quite a pleasant moment.

This afternoon it is grey outside. My Master is reading a (serious) book, and I, Frimousse, am having a nap in my armchair.