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On Saturday afternoons, after 1:30, RouXy’s Master does the cleaning Usually RouXy goes out, walks round the houses and goes up the lane towards our house. He is here at 2:00 at the latest.

Yesterday [that is on Saturday 8th February 2014, 3 years ago] it was 2:20 and no RouXy. And his Master said that RouXy had gone out at a quarter to 2. We started searching the village shouting “RouXy!”. But no answer. We couldn’t hear any fighting between cats either. We inspected the roads, the ditches, the fields close to the roads, in case he had been knocked by some vehicle, our constant fear. No sign of RouXy.

At about 3 o’clock, it started raining, and the rain became heavier and heavier. When RouXy is rambling about and the rain starts he always comes back. But he didn’t. RouXy’s Master was very worried too. He was born in the village and he knows every place where RouXy could be, and he sees everything. He went over the village with a fine-tooth comb. No RouXy.

He had informed everyone and post fliers with a colour photograph of RouXy everywhere.

At the beginning of February RouXy usually waits on our balcony at about 4:30. At that time Frimousse and RouXy are called in for supper and the cat-flap is closed. But only Frimousse was waiting, waiting for RouXy to come!

Then it was dark. The evening and the night were long We left the front door open. If RouXy came he would scratch the cat-flap and Frimousse would warn us. If  RouXy was not in front of his or our house in the morning, it was screwed-up. What could have happened to him, such a sweet cat, in good health! Kidnapped?

About 7:30 in the morning, before letting Frimousse out, I went for a last tour of the village. I met RouXy’s Master who was touring the village too. No sign of RouXy.

When my Mistress got up, she had breakfast and went for a very last tour of the village.

Hardly 5 minutes later she was back with RouXy safe and dry in her arms.!

RouXy had a big dinner. He swallowed small bits of fresh salmon Frimousse had left, and he drank his milk, we had not resolve to throw away.


This is a quick translation of the  text posted on the blog on Sunday 9th February 2014.

I decided to buy a Loc8tor. A small transmitter on a collar round RouXy’s neck and a received the size of a credit card. It helps locate the cat within a range of about 150 yards. It proved very efficient. RouXy was never lost again.

But now the system is useless…

Frimousse’s Master

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