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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tomorrow, in Lyon, the Illuminations. Yesterday, St Nicholas’ Day. Christmas isn’t far.

St Nicholas’ Day, here, nothing. Frimousse’s Mistress says that where she was born a truck passes in streets to distribute candies to good children. The Bogeyman, who is also in the truck, collects naughty children and takes them away.

The Illuminations, in my childhood, it was candles in white small glasses burning on the window sills (glass below). Nowadays …

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I do not think that I shall publish new articles on Frimousse Blog before the beginning of next year.


Merry Christmas

On  28th December 2016, Frimousse wrote:

“There was hoarfrost for a long time, outside. Then it was warmer. And today hoarfrost again. Colder in the near future, according to the forecast. Snow, do you think?

Christmas is gone. Hogmanay is near.. My Masters, and I, Frimousse, and my friend RouXy, we wish that the year to come will be better than the one that finishes. For all of you, as for us.”

That was his last message for the year 2016.


On 3rd January 2017, he wrote:

“Christmas and New Year are behind. Children are back to school this morning. Of course, there is still the epiphany cake to eat but if Christmas decorations are still in place, they’re just waiting to be put away. The Christmas tree does not lose many needles yet, RouXy’s Master cut it when the Moon was right. Still no snow here.
My friend RouXy gives us a lot of concern. My Master does all that he can to feed him and prevent him from vomiting but he does not gain weight. And he seems weaker and weaker. When he goes upstairs, what he would do in one breath, he stops one or two times, three times yesterday … My Master is going to take him to my doctor. But everybody is afraid of what she will say. He is so happy to live, my friend! Lying by my side on the large bed upstairs at the beginning of the evening or around the neck of my Master sitting in the armchair during the day, he purrs and purrs and purrs…

Happy New Year to all the visitors of Frimousse Blog.”

That was his first message for 2017.

This Monday morning, it is snowing. A gentle and fine snow, which the wind is playing with. The road is white but it isn’t slippery. Frimousse would have loved running in the snow and in the wind, and then coming to keep me company, on his armchair, with his head raised. RouXy would be spread on the low table in front of the stove…

This is the last post on Frimousse Blog for the year 2017.Merry Christmas to all of you! Next year will just be another year…