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Cats and cinema


Last Saturday evening we went to the pictures. We watched Bohemian Rhapsody – about the life and the music of Freddie Mercury. Well, if you don’t like the music played by Queen, don’t go and watch it. But if you do, you’ll see plenty of cats. Because Freddie Mercury loved cats. In the film threre are two cats, in particular, who appear together: a grey tabby and a ginger cat – Frimousse and RouXy!



Lac des Confins

On Saturday we walked round Lac des Confins. A walk appropriate for my condition (3km +100m).

We walked past the restaurant by the lake. Under a table, three kittens, about 6-months old. One was grey with a white patch, the other two were cross breed Siamese.

The owner of the place said: “If you catch one, you take it with you”  We would have been in trouble if one of them had come to be stroked! But, too wild, those kitties!