February 22nd

This morning, while I was walking, I met one of the bathers who swim in the Lake even in winter. She told me that she would be there in a moment. And indeed! See… This afternoon, for the first time since her accident on October 21, the Mistress of Frimousse will take a ride on the bike path… Snowdrops, crocuses in the garden. But no more birds – except one or two tits – for several days. They no longer come to eat here. Only Moka visits us – she was on our balcony a little while ago.


We will not see Banania again. But this is good news. Her Masters have moved and they have taken Banania with them. She is happy with them. We have the irregular visit of the passing cats. Moka hadn’t been here for almost three weeks, but she was here this morning. Not seen Little Poltron for almost that long. But the turtle-scale pussy with a collar comes almost every day. And of course Kiki aka Minidril, the white pussy of the Masters of Plume, is always there, in her garden or on her couch. Snow and cold today.

Photo taken at Le Revard by Frimousse’s mistress this morning while cross-country skiing .