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RouXy’s blog

The Mistress of Frimousse is there this sunday morning

When Rouxy, the red cat of our neighbours, died, I decided to open a Blog of Rouxy, to publish moments we shared with him. We used to say that we had “two and a half cats” as we shared him with his Masters. And Frimousse and Tigri were so happy that he came with them!

But I have a problem with Rouxy’s blog. I have not yet been able to get a notice sent automatically every time a new article is published. And yet the structure is very close to that of Frimousse’s Blog or the new blog Running. So, while I try to find a solution, I’ve decided to put an information on the Blog of Frimousse, either at the beginning of a new post or using an ad hoc article. Last published article:

Christmas tree

The Master of Rouxy brought the Christmas tree, a fir tree from his forest a few hours before some snow fell. The Mistress of Frimousse hastened to decorate it, of course. It is the third tree, and the third Christmas, without Frimousse and Rouxy… There is snow this morning, but not even an inch and only where it could stand. The weather doesn’t predict cold, so…

For a few weeks I have been giving sunflower seeds to birds. Frimousse ate a lot of them so I owe them that! They are mainly tits, some finches and rare sparrows. For a few days a nuthatch and a bullfinch and yesterday a great spotted woodpecker.