Such a long time…

Such a long time I haven’t published on Frimousse’s Blog ! I hardly remember how it works. I could easily speak as Frimousse but I can’t speak as Moka. She is in our house about twenty hours a day, though. With her Mistress’s permission. She is really a nice pussy. A big problem, however. She brings in live mice, and we have to indulge in mouse hunting. We have to kill those poor creatures… To show Moka we disagree, we lock the cat flap so that Moka as to spend the night outside. But a few days later… I remember everyone of you but old age and fatigue… Best love to all of you.

2 thoughts on “Such a long time…

  1. mary mcneil

    We are so glad t hear from you – and Moka – again ! We are all getting older as well- huMom and kitties. Our love to you too !


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