February 22nd

This morning, while I was walking, I met one of the bathers who swim in the Lake even in winter. She told me that she would be there in a moment. And indeed! See… This afternoon, for the first time since her accident on October 21, the Mistress of Frimousse will take a ride on the bike path… Snowdrops, crocuses in the garden. But no more birds – except one or two tits – for several days. They no longer come to eat here. Only Moka visits us – she was on our balcony a little while ago.

5 thoughts on “February 22nd

  1. catladymac

    Glad Mme is recovering so well ! Swimming – even in winter > Not for us !
    We still have birds, despite our outside cats. They each seem to have their own parts of the yard, Purrs to Moka !


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