By the way…

By the way, I need to make it clear that if we haven’t had a cat since Frimousse’s death it’s not because Frimousse’s Mistress doesn’t want a cat anymore, but mostly because I’m too old, because having a cat now would mean not being able to take care of him/her properly in the near future. So we take care of the « passing » cats.

4 thoughts on “By the way…

  1. catladymac

    I too am getting older, and have several cats, some of whom are ten years old. Last Spring on died and another was sick with kidney disease, so I was determined not to seek out any “replacements.” Within two weeks, two strays had turned up, one an old battered tom cat, and the other a young neutered male. Apparently the universe is letting me know I am not done yet.

  2. Timmy Tomcat

    Dad also says he is getting old (he is also handicapped in a wheelchair) so no more 7. We lost two of the crew but… We five are here for the duration even though no new kitties are in the cards. We hope you all enjoy your occasional visitors


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