It’s raining. A nice gentle rain. The soils were dry, the meadows looked like doormats, the cows had nothing to graze… The rain didn’t stop me from going for a walk. I went above our place because, below, near the Lake, it meant taking the car and soaking the seats on the way back – it’s not that fussy but the humidity in a car is bad, for several days the windows are full of steam… That night Noé, the younger dog of RouXy’s Master, barked a lot. Around 4 o’clock I got up and saw that in front of the house the automatic lighting was on and… I saw the grey and white cat who often comes to eat and drink milk, the one who does not let himself be approached.

I have walked or jogged more than 1,500 km [930 M] since January 1st. I have made some progress since during the last ten days I have «made» about ten kilometers several times – like the 11.5km [7M] of the course below – with no more difficulty than the 3.5 M of the beginning of the year. But I won’t mention “pain”. If you think about it, you stay in your armchair.

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4 thoughts on “Raining

  1. catladymac

    We finally had some good rain the last couple of days, as it was dry here (NE Ohio) too, We are glad you still get glimpses of a cat now and then, and there’s a neighborhood watch dog too !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      I’m glad you had some rain. North-East Ohio is probably much drier than Savoy but here cows need grass to eat and farmers need more grass to make hay for the winter. Temperatures are expected to be higher than normal for the coming weeks, and the weather rather dry except for occasionnal storms in places. Yes, Noé is a noisy fellow. The problem is cats. He doesnot know cats ! RouXy was dead when he arrived – whereas Flocon was RouXy’s friend. So when a cat or a badger pass by, Noé barks!


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