It’s been over a fortnight since Moka came to see us last. Or she comes to drink her milk and eat some croquettes at night. We’ve had an assiduous visitor for several weeks. A grey and white cat. Unappoachable. He’s a great lover of milk. Visit also of a tabby. I can give you news of Banania. We hadn’t seen him for over a month—maybe even more than two months. A few days ago, while I was driving by his house, his Mistress was leaving her house with her two children. I stopped, asked for news and she said, « We have a young grey cat now and Banania seems happy to have a friend. Right now they’re both sleeping in the house » – it was about 10 and the weather was fine and it was quite hot. More sport news ? Click

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  1. Timmy Tomcat

    We wonder what happened to Moka and hope she is OK. Glad the new kitty is getting some noms and that Banania is alright with a new friend. It is so difficult to have outside cats and our Feral, Fanny is now missing a month. Her friend Big Ginger is by most nights and we hope she is just more interested in game than kibble. Purrs


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