Cats don’t have this problem

How far is docility? We had already agreed not to bury our dead, not to hug those we love. Accepted to receive, as villains, lessons on «good manners» 2020: how to say hello, how to put on a facemask, how to wash hands. Will we accept the next step? On 27 May, French Parliament voted in favour of the Stopcovid application, a digital tracing and social control tool worthy of the Black Mirror series. Some epidemiologists publicly doubt the hypothesis of a second wave, and the immunity threshold seems much broader than expected? Alas ! We should now accept to be « chipped », hunted, tracked… Like animals in a paddock? The app captures any encounter “less than three feet and for more than fifteen minutes”: “The time of a kiss”, Mélenchon quickly calculated, we did not know him as a poet!

Do you want anyone to know with whom you had a glass of white wine last night, if not more so affinities? According to the polls, half of the French, who have no more desire than the others to be ill or contaminants, would refuse to download the spy app. Digital Secretary of State Cédric O (like Orwell?) warns: “To refuse it is to accept additional deaths.” The infantilizing blackmail too. Philosopher Comte-Sponville has more composure: «I prefer to catch the Covid in a free country than to avoid it in a totalitarian state.»

Dorothée Werner – ELLE magazine (French)

4 thoughts on “Cats don’t have this problem

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    Dad being a retired RN says he feels this whole thing has gone too far and loses sight of those who need protection those who have multiple existing illness and elderly or just the first. He is 67 and is going right out when they lift our local restrictions to see what is up. Our area is simply idiotic as you cannot eat or go to a movie but you can shop for food and buy plants and other household items. We feel this is a grab for freedoms by many

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      The problem is the fact that far too many people accept that! In the town nearby, markets in the open air were closed but shoppers could pack in supermarkets. Isn’t that idiotic too!

  2. catladymac

    We have read about this over here – in your favor, it seems like there are many many bugs and will be likely not to work (one of our blogger friends from the UK has been detailing the craziness going on there and has talked about this quite a bit.)
    We are more worried about whose side the Army is doing to take next – the people or the Attorney General.
    We are doing a lot of praying.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Usually I am very worried when democracy has to rely on the… Army. I hope it’ll take the good side! I know of one example of the QArmy toppling a dictator. In Portugal in 1974, the Carnation Revolution.
      As far as France is concerned, only 3% people have registered on the new app for the time being.


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