Jade Tuff, from Philadelphia, writes :

I’ve trained for 13 full marathons and many other race distances. I run with my very intelligent, fun, selfless and beautiful co-worker, and I feel safer. She is white. When I run with her, it’s for companionship. I adore her. I also feel safer with her around. When people do the “South Philly slide” past stop signs, they see her. They stop and apologise profusely for rolling through a stop sign. When it’s just me, I get cussed out, or, in worse situations, called a [epithet]. Those words really hurt, so I block it out. I run with music so that if it happens more often, I won’t be able to hear it because I have a music blanket for protection when my running buddy is not around.

The worst of it came as we all went into shelter in place in Pennsylvania. All of our local running groups remind us to run early or late to avoid crowds. I unfortunately listened to that advice one morning and went for a three-mile run. Halfway through, as I turned around, there was a hunter green pickup truck stopped in the middle of the road. I found it bizarre and slowed my run to a trot. As I got closer, I noticed the truck was decorated with Trump/Pence 2020 stickers, along with a Confederate flag. My stomach dropped and I felt panic run through my body as they revved their engine several times in the middle of the road. I looked for escape routes in case they tried to jump the curb to hit me. I decided to be brave and pretend they were not there.

As I passed them, they turned a corner down the street. We all peered at each other, until turning the corner broke their gaze. It was so uncomfortable and so confusing. Did anyone else see that? (No – I was alone and the streets were empty.) What just happened? What was that? I told my boyfriend about it and haven’t shared that experience with anyone else since. I now choose to run during peak hours with my BFF, with enough people around – just in case.

In France, in some districts, safe jogging depends on the colour of your skin, and your look. Is French police better than American police if you are an arab or a blackman? I’m not sure. Anf if you are “white” it isn’t quite safe to jog or walk in some districts, especially if you’re a female.

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5 thoughts on “Black?

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    A sad thing but not all Trump supporters are racist and not all Biden supporters are rabid communists. I have many anecdotal stories from working many years in all areas of Philadelphia and could sway the court in just about any direction depending on which one I chose. The biggest danger is when either stops listening and simply reacts.
    PS I am white and had more trouble in the old Fishtown than anywhere.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      « Not all Trump supporters are racist and not all Biden supporters are rabid communists », of course ! I am not competent for talking about American politics. But it is pretty obvious than far more coloured people are killed « in action » by the police in the States than white people. And it is similar in France. Is it because coloured people commit more crimes or offences than white people ? Probably. But why so ?
      I suppose the answers are the same on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. catladymac

    Bullies are bullies. Timmy’s Dad makes a very good point, but many have stopped listening.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Well, I can’t say about the States but in France, what origin are police people, gendarmes, and military? I used to be a teacher – in my former life – and near all those of my students that joined the police or the gendarmerie were exceptionally unruly and bad students. Those who were simply unruly but intelligent entered a military career! In France the cops are “sworn” that is to say that their word takes precedence over that of all citizens. That is the problem! Like the Pope who said he was “infallible”.


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