« Yesterday, I made my first trip to Earth in six weeks for an important appointment. And then, surprise, in a town next to my place, so many people on the pavements. Adults, children playing, lots of people without masks, without control. What a contrast with the reports we’re being shown, the fines imposed on people who are walking alone on a beach or in the mountains or in the forest, whereas there is no risk in areas where there is no virus… »

And to continue that all this seems “incoherent” « like the masks forbidden in pharmacies and allowed at the tobacco shops, like florists closed for May 1st but garden centers open, like canteens soon open, but restaurants still closed », the former TV presenter regrets.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Pierre_Pernaut

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  1. catladymac

    We took two cats to the vet (for shots) the other day. We waited in the car until they were ready for us, but I was allowed to go in with the kitties. I wore a mask, and the vet, the tech, the desk staff and everyone elsein the clinic had on masks…Outside were two different guys, one who parked his truck sideways in front of the door across three parking spaces and stayed there while several of us (in masks) parked across the lot and stayed in our vehicles. Then, when we were going in, a man and his teen-age son came and stood right by the door (which was locked and covered with signs about the procedures) Were they non-readers ? Stupid ? Rude ? Self-centered ? Too young (40s) to think they were at risk.?

  2. Timmy Tomcat

    We have seen very varied things and are holding off anyone going to the vet until this passes a bit more. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and everyone was very mindful but then again not many people. After that I went to the grocery and again everyone very mindful but we are in a bit of an upscale area where I think people pay more mind. I want it to end as it seems the biggest threat is to those older who have multiple issues and/or nursing homes. These people need more attention and the great unwashed need less. Humble Opine


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