Nest box

Yesterday I approached the nest box and, as I heard no noise, I opened it. Five little yellow and blue tits. Dead. Moka had killed the mother and the little ones died of hunger. Sad. I picked up the nest box. I will not give false hope to the tits! This morning I went to the mountains above our place. 15 years I had not gone there! Finally, riding in the mountains is less bad for my knees than mowing the grass… When I went down, I met about 50 walkers of all ages. How do we do it, you, memebers of the government, to keep 1 m away on a 50 cm wide path? There would certainly be less people in the mountains today if these gentlemen of the government had not enacted stupid rules, made to measure for the Parisians. My daughter-in-law, the head-mistress of an elementary school between Annecy and Geneva, scrupulously enforce the rules by her pupils, who do nothing but wash their hands – 17 times a day, she counted – she doesn’t see how new containment can be avoided. 4 cases currently in the school of the nearest village.

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  1. catladymac

    We are sorry about the baby birds. I feel sad when my outdoor cats bring me a bird too, but that is their instinct. And much more often, it is mouse,vole, chipmunk or even a squirrel. A baby possum lives in the garage with them but they seem to leave her alone. I love the birds, but I would be bereft without the cats.


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