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Let me think of all the cats and dogs that have been “abandoned” temporarily or forever by their Masters who were taken to hospital,  and had to stay there for several weeks – or will never come back. They are in deep distress and their Masters too. The same misery as in the  case of fire or flood or war. Of course children, relatives and friends are the main source of sorrow but to have to leave dear pets behind is additional grieve at a time when pets could provide comfort.

Let me give you a rapid translation of a comment left by Jean-Marc on my previous post « Anger », « Colère » in French

« I just want to understand. We have to go to work again but we must not move freely more than 100 km. You can pile up in a supermarket, but you can’t walk in the woods. A doctor will have to «report» the patients to the social security (well yes, see what has happened this day). They create «brigades», that word makes me shudder and makes me want to vomit. They want to make an app on the smartphones, don’t give a damn of privacy we have been spied on for a long-time, but for me the concern is more serious, it is the return of the yellow star, or of the years where they were considering to pen people with AIDS … and flatter the low instincts of pointing the finger at the ones to be set aside. It stinks … and I have dreaded it from the first day of the “M” election, you know, I’ve never hidden it. I wish I had had been wrong. Honestly. But the machine was running and it was just waiting for the right opportunity. The reality could get worse than my nightmare. »

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  1. catladymac

    Ah ! Over here (in the US) men (and some women) armed with assault rifles are “protesting” in the state capitals because they want their “freedom.” Do they plan to shoot the virus ? I believe in French the term is “merde!” Apparently no one they know has been afflicted. Karma is waiting in the wings.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Well indeed the percentage of people affected in the US as in France is low – compare it to the numbers of people killed in road accidents, for instance. But as there is no cure, anyone can be affected, riche or poor. Citizens are not equal though as far as “freedom” is concerned. I could just walk out of my door and walk, run, or cycle for hours with coming across anyone nearer than 10 yards, whereas for millions that live in blocks of flats it is impossible to avoid promiscuity! But the “restrictions to freedom” is the same for everyone ! Well, it will eventuqally change next week. But the government intends to re-open schools with 15 “pupils” in classrooms whereas meetings with ten people will be prohibited. Logical?
      As you know here in europe assault rifles are not allowed in the hands of citizens. In France many men (postly) have rifles to shoot wild boars, deer, etc. but in demontrations or protest marches those rifles never appear because those who have them KNOW that would immediately lead to restrictions to the posession of the rifles. They prefer to protest using tractors to slow the traffic on roads for instance.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Decisions are taken in Paris thinking of people living in Paris. How can they imagine I can walk for a whole morning without meeting anyone? Or my neighbour swim in the Lake all by himself?


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