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Frimousse’s Mistress has a friend whose husband works in Annecy and Milan. In February he was in Milan. A week after his return, his Milanese colleague informed him that she had the virus. And a few days later the disease started for him. Very ill for two months. His wife was contaminated, of course. But for her, a gentle flu. Why? An explanation: she is one of those who will swim in the Lake several times a week, even in winter. It boosts the defenses, right? And yet the government does not want to allow to swim in the lakes or the sea before the month of June at the earliest! Afraid that tourists will arrive in mass? But… the limit of 100 km and the limitations to get out of its department? Incoherent. Moka, our part-time black kitten doesn’t have to think about that when she enjoys the milk we give her. What will change for me on May 11th? I won’t have to fill up those damn documents and no longer have to walk or jog here, less than a kilometre from home. I will be able to try to run on the flat again near the Lake. [more]

5 thoughts on “Frimousse’s Mistress…

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Very few cars on the road these days. But on Monday 11h everything is supposed to start again, and people will go to work in their cars!

      (Didn’t you use to have a website or a blog?)

      1. catladymac

        No – I have always just been a follower, wishing well to all of yu and your animal friends !

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    We have some silly things going on here in the US also. Some do get very ill but it seems, here anyhow, it mainly hits the nursing homes and those old with several other illness. I am over 65 but have no worries as I am careful and have not had even a “normal” cold in over 25 years. (ex nurse with knowledge of virus etc)
    We wish the friend full recovery


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