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  1. catladymac

    Yes, we have a house with a yard, which is better for our human and the outdoor cats. It is nice to see the pictures of Mindril and Moka. Stay safe and well,

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      We are in good health and no one among out relatives and friends is ill because of COV-19.
      We try to tell Moka not to catch OUR birds but she is a cat… The only solution I’ve found is hanging balls under the trees and putting seeds on our window-sill so that birds don’t stay on the ground. But finches do! Moka seems to have caught three tits since she comes regularly near our house. The last time she caught one we happened to be watching her in our garden and we saw! The Mistress of Frimousse rushed outside. Moka had hidden under wood logs and was difficulkt to reach. And suiddenly the bird flew away! Moka had not killed or hurt it! Probably she would have played with it for some time – torturing it – as RouXy would do. Frimousse did not eat tits. Do they taste good – for cats?
      Keep yourself well.


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