Almost everyday…

Almost every day, Moka waits outside our door. Sometimes on the table, sometimes on the chair. She waits for her milk and her croquettes. Where does she sleep? What does she do during the day, when she doesn’t come to visit us? These are questions we don’t ask ourselves, she’s not our pussy.

So, since we don’t have a cat, we enjoy moments with Moka and we watch Minidril, his «new» Masters call her Kiki, take possession of «her» garden. And since we are not in charge of a cat, and that less than a hundred meters from our house there’s a path that leads into a forest… [read more]

5 thoughts on “Almost everyday…

  1. catladymac

    Timmy is right – although we have the neighbor’s cat to feed and he is a big bruiser !


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