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  1. catladymac

    My outdoor cats have food on a regular schedule and water always available. They still catch birds (which I regret) and mice and chipmunks and even red squirrels. I think cats are cats. If you usually don;t feed the birds in the summer then stopping is an option. I have the most trees in my yard, so the birds will be here anyway.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Last summer “our” birds didn’t stop asking for seeds. Frimousse was a great bird-catcher. He really enjoyed eating sparrows. One he caught a dormouse and didn’t eat it.
      I started feeding birds after Frimousse’s death, because there was no cats around the house. But the birds have attracted cats. And now three lady cats visit us regularly – Moka is really regular now. No more sparrows – they are a species in extinction I think.
      Moka has just had food and milk – she was waiting in front of the door before 7.


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