I was expected

This Friday morning, as yesterday morning, a small tour near the Lake. The old people have to stay at home, the President said . I didn’t disobey it because I didn’t meet anyone. I mean, almost nobody, except for an old lady like me who was doing the same tour this morning. As almost always when I walk or run I am on autopilot but my mind works. Who is responsible for what we are going through right now? Those who care for their cat or dog near their home? Or those who travel the world thanks to cheap air travel – thank you Easyjet! Seychelles, Viet Nam, Morocco, the Balearics… it’s just a little bit more expensive than the train to get 150 kilometres from here—

When I came home I was expected. For several days Moka is near us… for the birds. Fortunately she hasn’t found the technique yet. So I give her biscuits so she won’t be hungry – and I put the seeds for our birds high.

4 thoughts on “I was expected

  1. catladymac

    It is nice to see Moka. My cats always watch when I bring out the sunflower seeds to fill what they consider “cat feeders.” Purrs to her.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      From my Windows I can see if Moka is near because… the birds have vanished. I am happy they are careful.
      No birds nearly this morning: she was on the trace waiting for good. I gave her a little Milka and she like it. She didn’t finis the good and went way. The birds are back!


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