Should auld acquaintance…

A lot of English speaking people – British with an English accent – seem to be very happy to cycle round the Lake or on the mountain roads. Many of them have walks in Savoy. Some live here – the children attend primary schookl or « collèges ». But the majority are here during the summer holidays. They seem to feel perfectly at home here.

A few decades back I used to feel perfectly at home too when I spent a few weeks in Britain each summer. Some many places I visited ! I really enjoyed being there. I had a dog at the time and he wasn’t alowed to come with us. He would have loved running on the moors or on the sea shores. For many years now cats, dogs and ferrets can travel to and from Britain with their Masters. For how long ?

The British have decided to « take back control ». It was nothing but a slogan but British voters have believed the lies of Johnson & Co. British people will still be welcome here. Will europeans be welcome in England ?

I hope I don’t shock British visitors of this blog.

5 thoughts on “Should auld acquaintance…

  1. catladymac

    We in America feel the pain too – with our own terrible divisions and conflicts. Being of Scots heritage, I wonder too if Scotland will voter again about exiting the UK.


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