A beautiful black cat, with a splendid tail, is walking in Frimousse’s garden. It’s Gusgus. Poor Mimi’s Masters’ new cat.

It was on April 11. He had crossed the road to come here – and visit the village.

Fortunately this will not happen again. His Masters have fitted a PetSafe collar on his neck and he will remain in a large grassy area around their house.




8 thoughts on “Gusgus

  1. catladymac

    Oh, he is a handsome cat ! Glad they are taking precautions (as much as one can with a cat !) We are sorry about Mimi –

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Their house is on the other side of the road, right by the side of the road. But they have plenty of space on the other side.
      As far as Mimi is concerned we’ll wonder what happened to her. Sad, you’re right.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      I hope it will work. His masters made a mistake: they let him discover the village before actually deciding to adopt PetSafe. It is far better to have the system as early as possible…

  2. Timmy Tomcat

    We hope he has learned and will stay by the house. We are not allowed out as there is a highway near our house. Dad is going to make us a safe pen this year


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