Christmas Day was quite a happy day – family and relatives, thirteen persons at table for the traditional Christmas meal. Frimousse’s Mistress played the DJ for the party she organized with friends and colleagues on New Year’s Eve – twelve people and a lot of music.

And then 2019 started.

Nothing serious can happen to our kitties, of course. So it can only happen to humans, can’t it ? On Saturday a friend of Frimousse’s Mistress – aged 38 – died while skiing. She was a very experienced skier. She decided to jump down a cliff but she may have overestimated the quantity of snow below and fell for 300 yard on a mixture of snow and rocks. Her body was in pieces. She has two daughters aged 7 and 12.

A few flakes of snow this morning. the very first ones of the winter…



6 thoughts on “January

  1. catladymac

    We are so sorry to hear of the Mistresse’s friend. We can only go from day to day and hope for the best. May you all be safe and well.


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