It was a wild boar

A 19-year old hunter was sentenced to 1 year in prison last Friday in Annecy for having shot a jogger.

” I fired in the haste and I badly identified my target ”  the young man admited.

The victim, a father who was wearing black clothes and carrying a flo yelloww backpack, died in the arms of his wife ( 2015 ).

In France, a prisoner who serves a sentence under 2 years can avoid prison and be fitted an electronic tag.



2 thoughts on “It was a wild boar

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      In France, before the Revolution, only the nobility were allowed hunting. A privilege. It was a crime for the the rabble to hunt. Therefore those in favour of hunting consider it is one of the basic rights of the french citizen – similar to the argument of those in favour of rifles in the States, I think.


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