There was a time when I would only go out at night. I had neither a master nor a dwelling. I was free, you will tell me. But what’s the use of freedom  when no one wants you. Then, one night, I left, in search of a piece of heaven…



9 thoughts on “Mephisto

  1. catladymac

    Alas, I cannot read French…as a couple of commenters said on the French-language version of your blog, I don’t necessarily want to read a sad book, wither. But thank you for the link !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Mephisto is a black cat. Nobody likes him. Everybody is afraid of him. Been black, there’s certainly the Devil in him, hence his name Mephisto.
      One day in spring he decides to flee the town and find a good place to live. He travels for six days and finds a beautiful meadow with butterflies, flowers and… mice and rats. He spends a wonderful summer there. But when winter comes, he misses the warm atticks, cellars and garages of the town. He decides to go back. His fur covered with snow, he’ll be a white cat and nobody would recognize him. But someone did ! Eveybody came towards him and greeted him cheerfully. What had happened ? Actually since he went away the town was infested with rats and mice. People’s cats were well-fed and were sleeping on sofas and didn’t bother catching rats and mice. In no time Mephisto managed to clear the town of those creatures and he was considered a hero, everyone liked him.
      But Mephisto continued to live free, and promised not to become fat and lazy.


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