We are…

We are still alive. We, that is Frimousse’s Masters. Because as far as Frimousse and RouXy are concerned…

A light gray and white cat passes from time to time in the garden, to try to crunch one of our birds. “Our” birds, because they are many who come and eat some seeds – because I supply them with seeds. Sunflower seeds. And they spread them everywhere. Then we have plenty of beautiful sunflowers, which we did not sow.

I avoid other seeds because mixtures of seeds contain seeds of ragweed that it is necessary to destroy, which I do.



7 thoughts on “We are…

  1. catladymac

    So good to hear of you again !
    I too only feed sunflower seeds – but they seldom sprout. I think they are treated with something over here in The States.

    1. pj

      When I was a child, flowers would grow again the following years, without ne seeds. It very rarely happens nowadays.
      The sunflower seeds I buy are produced in France therefore (theoretically) without GMO…


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